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Donald Strikes Back - Lord Charles’ Music Single Cartoon Series Continues
September 10, 2020

Lord Charles’ much-anticipated second single ‘Tomahawk (part 2) – Donald Strikes Back’ responds to his recently-released track ‘Tomahawk (part 1) – Kim Attacks’, both of which feature controversial cover art. It will be released on Friday 9/11. Is it a coincidence? The USA needs a strong leader who can help America to become a worldwide giant again, but will that leader be Donald? “The cartoon story continues,” says Lord Charles, “and unlike ...

Banned from Streaming Services: The Provocative New Single from Lord Charles
September 1, 2020

Controversary certainly attracts attention, but it isn’t all that often that the attention is positive. With that in mind, streaming websites have banned the new single from a quirky London-based performer due to the artwork being too ‘provocative’. Lord Charles will release his brand-new single ‘Tomahawk – Kim Attacks’ on Tuesday, 1 September, but it has already been rejected by a host of streaming sites for its cover design and hand-drawn cart...

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