Donald Strikes Back - Lord Charles’ Music Single Cartoon Series Continues

Lord Charles’ much-anticipated second single ‘Tomahawk (part 2) – Donald Strikes Back’ responds to his recently-released track ‘Tomahawk (part 1) – Kim Attacks’, both of which feature controversial cover art. It will be released on Friday 9/11. Is it a coincidence?

The USA needs a strong leader who can help America to become a worldwide giant again, but will that leader be Donald?
“The cartoon story continues,” says Lord Charles, “and unlike other future covers, this is the exception…as it isn’t a reaction to global events. Instead, it predicts what would happen (in a humorous way) if Kim Jong Un really does attack.”

The cover art for the first single was so controversial for streaming services, in fact, that it was banned, and for that reason, Lord Charles didn’t try to publish his second single via streaming services. Instead, he continues to create unique pieces of art in modern music history.

The first single featured a politically motivated design which displayed events between North Korea and the USA. It’s just one in a long line of music which expresses political or global events. The latest addition is no different. It is an extraordinary piece of art which combines electronic music with a political cartoon artwork style to tell stories with design and tune listeners onto music that complements the mood of a particular event.

Speaking after the censorship of his first single, Lord Charles said: “It’s sad that artists are censored by international companies, like artists in the 70s and 80s in eastern Europe in the communism era. I thought the western world was open to democracy, open speech and supporting artists and their creativity.”

He went on to say that he is confident to release future music on his own – via his own website – if streaming companies continue to have a problem with humour and satire.

Lord Charles is the founding member of his own entertainment company situated in the UK’s capital. The company aims to help artists create what they want without censorship and help them to be heard and seen. He has used the quarantine period wisely, creating and producing new music. He is, of course, looking forward to releasing his latest and second single, as well as publishing future material.

Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled online for ‘Tomahawk (Part 2) – Donald Strikes Back’, his provocative follow-up to ‘Tomahawk (Part 1) – Kim Attacks’. It will be published live via Lord Charles’ own website at and Soundcloud

The second single follows in a similar vein – and Lord Charles is sure it will be received just as well by his fans. Are you ready for Tomahawk 3?

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