Controversary certainly attracts attention, but it isn’t all that often that the attention is positive. With that in mind, streaming websites have banned the new single from a quirky London-based performer due to the artwork being too ‘provocative’.

Lord Charles will release his brand-new single ‘Tomahawk – Kim Attacks’ on Tuesday, 1 September, but it has already been rejected by a host of streaming sites for its cover design and hand-drawn cartoon.

In light of this, his online publisher, TuneCore, has asked if he can censor his art, which therefore alters the inspiration and message behind the song.

The politically motivated design displays events between North Korea and the USA and illustrates the first of many singles from Lord Charles, all of which express from his music singles series expressing political or global events in recent months. Charles says there will be more politically inspired artwork where that one came from, though.

Speaking after the censorship, he said: “It’s sad that artists are censored, like artists in the 70s and 80s in eastern Europe in the communism era. What’s worse is that, while artists were censored by governments back then; now they are censored by international companies. I thought the western world was open to democracy, open speech and supporting artists and their creativity.

“It seems to me the western world followed Eastern Europe decades ago, where creativity and uniqueness is not accepted. The world lost its open mind and tech giants now try to tell us how we should live, in order to meet their intern rules and become sheep, blindly following and listening to them.”

An angry Charles went on to say: “I cannot accept it. If streaming and publishing companies don’t understand art, humour and satire and have a problem with it, I will release my songs on my own and make them a unique piece of art that will be available on my own websites and Soundcloud.”

He goes on to say that the composition used on the Tomahawk single came to him many years ago. When he enrolled on a music course at SAE Institute in London. “I then recently took my former composition and transformed it into modern electronic dance music. I hope people will like it.” adds Charles.

The founder of his own entertainment company, which aims to help artists create what they want without censorship and help them to be heard and seen, Charles has used the quarantine period wisely and is looking forward to releasing new material.