My name is Lord Charles
I am Founder, CEO, Artist

Founded by me – Lord Charles – Lord Charles Entertainment is here to help you get your creative project off the ground.

I’ve always been a huge fan of music, but after moving to London I discovered my creativity extended far beyond composing great tunes.

Alongside music, I delved into the world of photography and journalism. Soon after, Lord Charles Entertainment was born – and today it helps people, brands and businesses get their message across in a wealth of ways.

Whether you need a touch of inspiration for your creative project or you require a go-to team to help you create something special from scratch, let’s collaborate…

My Skills


I capture the moment with unique headshots for artists across a host of industries.


From electronic, to rock, pop and classical, I compose music to ensure your creative project stands out. I can also create compositions for your film or audio clip – get in touch to learn more.


Your project needs creativity – and plenty of it. If you need some inspiration, let’s chat.


Working together to ensure your unique vision comes to life, I offer creative support to all my clients

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